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As you know, experience counts. You don’t want just anybody coming into your property making a mess or doing the job poorly. You want a company with the experience to know that not all stumps are the same.

You need professionals who know how to set their equipment, so they don’t tear up your grass if it has recently rained heavily and then leave it for you to fix. Or, if it’s been severely dry, you need someone who knows how to not set fire to dry stumps with a lot of pitch in them.

In short, you need someone with the experience not just to do the job right, but someone who respects your property and will leave it looking just how you like it when they leave.

Our company, Madison Stump Removal has that experience. We’ve been removing tree stumps for more than 15 years now.

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There are a couple of huge reasons why you should never remove your own stumps.

1. Unless you have the right equipment, you risk serious injury and damage to your property. We know of a guy that tore the bumper off his truck attempting to pull out a stump he’d been working on for days. That’s not a good use of your time or money.

2. Many people that attempt to go at it alone end up starting fires. If your home, other trees or even brush is nearby, this can escalate and get out of hand quickly.

3. We know blowing stuff up is more fun. But, if you mishandle even just a blasting cap, you could spend the rest of your life picking your nose with your elbow. We do not recommend explosives to remove tree stumps from your yard. Enough said on that one.

In truth, with all the problems a person can run into removing a stump, it’s easier, safer and a whole lot cheaper to let us give you a no obligation quote. We are licensed and ensured. Also, our safety equipment is top of the line, it’s regularly inspected, and meets all local governmental requirements.


We’re not some big corporation from outside. We’re all locals who eat at the same restaurants and shop at the same stores you do.

As you may already know, when polled, most Americans preferred to buy local. It just makes good sense to put your money back into your local economy and support Maddison businesses.

Because we’re locals, we know how to treat people right. We have the best reputation in town and we have the references and testimonies to prove it. That’s what buying local is all about, neighbors doing business with neighbors, just like our fathers and grandfathers did.

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Even if you are tempted to call the Guinness Book Of World Records to come verify the stump in your yard, we can handle it.  Yes, even if by some freak of nature, a giant Sequoia was planted on your property and it’s big enough to park cars on, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the things that may surprise you are just how fast we can handle incredibly massive stumps and how inexpensive it really is to have professionals come in and do it right. We know that big stumps can be problematic for many companies, but we’ve yet to come across a stump that we couldn’t make go away for you.

So, don’t even hesitate to give us a call. We’d love to remove your stumps, no matter how big or small they are.