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Unless you’re attempting to repurpose your stump or landscape around it, stumps serve little purpose regardless how large they are.  They’re an eyesore most homeowners would rather have removed, yet they often lack the tools or knowledge to remove stumps themselves.

Tree stumps also devalue your property. Once homes are placed for sale, potential buyers will see the remnants of a tree they’ll be tasked with removing, which means the offer submitted will be considerably lower than what homeowners anticipate.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of removing a tree stump leads back to the reason you chopped the tree in the first place: no more tree growth. Indeed, unattended stumps can sprout saplings over time, leading to yet another issue after several decades. Drive around and look at old stumps; you’ll see little sprouts protruding from the top and sides. These are not weeds.

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Some stumps may need ground down rather than excavated, especially if damage to septic systems or underground pipes is imminent. After the tree is cut near ground level, a special machine will chop the stump into smaller pieces, some which are removable. Those which are safely removed can be used as mulch, as ground cover, or trashed.

After several years, the ground-down stump will decay on its own, and can be removed without machinery. This method is preferred by homeowners who have smaller yards, stumps in areas where machinery cannot safely operate, or fear too much surrounding grass will be damaged. Once could theoretically use a chainsaw to grind stumps, although the chances of having the saw kick back are much stronger.


Homeowners who want obtrusive stumps removed are afforded two options: stump removal or stump grinding.

Stump removal involves time-consuming machine work which addresses both stump and root network. Because root balls can amass 10 times the size of a tree trunk, removing both stump and roots may take several hours, possibly days. Once removed, you’re left with a massive dirt circle with holes that liken to oversized groundhog tunnels. With rock or mulch, you could repurpose the hole, yet ground settling will probably mean you’ll add more mulch every year.

By grinding stumps, there’s less mess to contend with. Remnants of the ground-up stump are used to cover the hole, which could then be landscaped with rock, mulch or other niceties. Instead of taking an entire day, grinding is done within hours or less, depending on stump size and root network.

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Every DIY project has its inherited risks and rewards, and stump removal is no exception. When you hire a stump removal specialist, there will be hours of screeching machine noises, wood particles will fly around your yard, and the potential for stump particles to fly into someone’s eye are strong.

To preserve your yard’s natural beauty, putting up with mess, danger and noise shouldn’t bother you. With protective equipment, sweat equity and hearing protection, noise and injury could be minimalized, and messes can be quickly cleaned up.


Admit it. You’ve watched countless YouTube videos telling you Epsom salt works wonders on removing aged stumps. Or perhaps you’ve tried boring holes in your stump and filling them with potassium nitrate. Neither have worked; we know this. You’re considering our services (thanks, by the way) and are self-educating. We get it.

You are more than welcome to remove stumps yourself, but be forewarned that the process isn’t as easy as YouTubers behind a camera think. For one, potassium nitrate and Epsom salt methods provide minimally effective chemical burns. They cannot, nor will not, address the “root” problem.


You’ve done the work in chopping down your ugly tree. Wood has been cut into ricks, stacked in your backyard, and is now ready for bonfires or fireplace use. That flat stump remains, and you’re reasonably sure stump rot won’t work, nor will any home remedy posted on social media. That stump must go, and must go now.

Our service is not only affordable, but effective. We remove the stump, make sure roots are decimated and cover the area unearthed by our efforts. Our estimates are free, our customer service is unparalleled in an industry fraught with “dicey” stump removal services, and we’ll never overcharge for unneeded services.

Are you “stumped”? Our stump removal service in Madison, WI, is efficient and affordable. Call today, and we’ll demystify the stump removal and grinding world in a language easily understood by homeowners like you.